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In this edition of Futuring Payments we will look at several examples of how payments are an important component of the consumer experience and should not be neglected. Our new YUMI terminal is an excellent example of this. It enables merchants to offer an enhanced shopping experience by merging offline and online shopping for a more contextual and personal interaction.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the focus on consumer experience security must remain paramount. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new requirement as part of PSD2, but the repeated implementation delays have created confusion. Here we will provide an update on the current status of SCA and explain what will happen next.

Another security challenge on the horizon is quantum computing. Once it becomes a reality its advanced computing power will completely disrupt today’s means of security and force the industry to rethink cryptography all over again.

The real focus of this edition about creating the best possible seamless and secure shopping experience for your customers.

Whats´s inside this edition, chapters:

NEW WAYS TO ENABLE PAYMENTS: All about customer experience 

FIGHTING FRAUD: The dark side of online payments

MULTICHANNEL COMMERCE: Bringing online and in-store shopping together

INNOVATION AND TRENDS: What’s new in the world of payments

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