Bridging Human and Digital Experiences in Banking








Banking customers are exploring more and more advanced online features and seem to be getting quite comfortable with hybrid interaction models. Thereupon, the variety and possibilities are virtually endless when combining the knowledge and expertise of a trusted advisor with the power of new technologies – such as Conversational or Open Banking.

Rich, high-quality conversations with customers are thus powered by a more personal service where both digital and human interactions are fuelled by technology to ensure each experience is relevant, tailored and adds value.

However, each customer journey is composed of a unique set of touchpoints that must be designed to optimize customer convenience and satisfaction at any time.

As finding the right fit may prove difficult for some financial institutions, we would like to share some insights to help you get a clearer view on the rationales for change and wealth of opportunity on the horizon.

What’s in:

  • Recent market developments: rationales for change and new interaction models
  • Channels usage and specificities: mapping touchpoints to customer needs
  • Channels integration and combination: filling the experience gap(s) with technology

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